Life Points


We have added Life Points to our new and improved DLS Hud!

Life Points (LP) You Say?!  WHAT ARE THOSE?!

Well, I am going to tell you all about them.  Life points are essential to how we conduct ourselves throughout our day.  It is the difference between a malnourished person and a well fed person.  You know the kind!  Grabbing a snack here and there, just to keep the meter from dying off.  Then we have those energetic people that never seem to lose their get up and go go!

Well, we want to encourage you all to get all the sleep you need, eat the best food, and stay clean to keep away infections!  It’s important to go when the…ehem….need arises to keep from creating….backups.  All these living stats are important to our overall well being and keeping them in good order keeps your Life Points growing!

Okay! Okay! We get it, but who cares if I am healthy or not?  Like, what difference does it REALLY make?!

AHHA! I knew you were going to ask that!  Well, currently your hud holds 100 points for each stat and that’s awesome.  But, if you keep your stats well oiled and in good working order by staying 75 percent filled for a period of 12 hours, you gain 1 LP!  And eventually you can turn these LP’s in to grow that reservoir of points in your Hud.  So let’s say you don’t really wanna go potty as often as you do.  A lil bit of incontinence….well no problem! Cash in those LPs and you won’t have to go as often.  

WHAT IF I FALL UNDER 75% ON 11 HOURS! Will I lose all my hard work? Well, no of course not! We all know how hard it is to stay healthy and we want to encourage you to get back on track as soon as possible. If you fall, get up and try again! It will just set you back an hour so you can try again and not lose too much time! Soon as you get 12 hours of healthy…you get an LP! They do not have to be consecutive and then your counter will reset and you can get on to earning your next LP!

Every 100LPs will gain you 25 points toward any stat you want to increase.

That is great news!  Good health habits should be rewarded!