Health Points


Great, so what about these Health Points (HP)?

I am glad you asked!  These are also super exciting for us over here at DLS!  Not only is it important to ensure your health is maintained and in good working order, but it’s also super important to increase your health.  

HEY!  I am already eating and sleeping well, what more do you want from us?!

Well…..honestly?  We want you to be the best you that you can be and sometimes that means -whispers- hitting the gym.  


I know, I know…but hear us out okay?!  

Let’s head on over to the DLS Gym and jump on the state of the art treadmill and run a leisurely 20 minute mile.  Say we do this, hmm…twice a day!

Well that’s 2 HP!   That’s a great kickback for only 40 minutes of exercise a day!  I mean, you shouldn’t do more than that, we all got jobs, right?!  You could go once a day and get 1 HP, but DLS machine’s won’t give out more than 2 in one 24 hour period so don’t overdo it! Like any good gym work out, you get a little sweaty and your hygiene will suffer about 20 points! It’s okay, you will have lots of fun and your fun will go UP 20 points! It’s a give-take relationship but it all works out in the end!

Great, now I am sweaty and at the gym and heavy breathing all over strangers….this better be good DLS!

IT IS, WE PROMISE!!  With those HP points, you can trade them in for EXCLUSIVE Items you can only purchase with HP Points!  Gym bags that will really level up your fun factor!  Cool yoga mats that will enhance your energy supply!  All that and more….in fact, we plan on adding to it pretty regularly!  These items are compatible with our recharge system….so you can keep them forever!!!

Okay, fancy Nancy, that’s a pretty cool concept…..I guess I will try it out and see where it leads me…

AWESOME!  Right down the healthy, wealthy, and wise blvd!!!  Can’t wait to see you!