Okay, so let’s talk about the Hud!! There is a lot going on, but once you get familiar with it, its easy! Around the outside, we have some colorful little icons and those correspond to your stats!

You will find these icons all over, from our vendor ads, to our advertising, and especially all over our Main Store! Around the outside of these circles are meters and as the stats drop, the meters will slowly disappear around the circle. There are ten little segments and every time you lose ten points, one segment will disappear. It’s a quick glance to see where you are! If you are looking for more precise readings, we have a Stat Hud included that gives you exact readouts for your stats as well as some timing information for your HP and LP!

We have a settings button as well and from there you can do various things!
Turn Animations On/Off – Yes, we have animations!!!
Turn Sounds On/Off – We have some great sounds!!!
Turn Sickness On/Off – Not everyone wants to play that game, but be aware, it cannot be turned off WHILE you are sick. You will have to wait until you feel better and turn it off then!