DLS Guide

Digital Living System


Greetings my fellow Digital Living System Users!

I cannot wait to tell you all about this system!  Not only is it going to be a great addition for you roleplayers out there, but it is also a great way to develop community, friends, and enjoy yourself along the way.  While Digital Living System is geared towards roleplay, it is not exclusive to roleplayers.  It has a lot of fun applications and ways to level and earn points…maybe start up a healthy competition with some friends.  Okay Okay, let me get down to it!

DLS is a living system meant to simulate real life with six meters we like to call stats!  These stats are Energy, Bladder, Hygiene, Fun, Social, and Hunger!  We thought of all the amazing stats we could add and narrowed it down to those essential to our lives.  Food is a must, we need energy to function, everyone goes…the go…so bladder of course, and not least of these physical needs…hygiene.  Then we thought about what we really need after those basic four are met.  Hmm…we do need a little bit of fun in our lives and most of all…we need community!  Honestly, that is what DLS is really about.  We want to develop a community of users who can get together and have fun, be social, and make sure our SL is meeting all our basic needs.  

Each of these stats start with a reservoir of 100 points when you get your brand new hud!  Over the course of the day the hud stats will slowly deplete.  We have staggered the time it takes so that all your needs do not demand attention all at once…so expect that every 120 – 160 seconds those stats will move one point in the negative.  

SO WHAT!!! I don’t want to brush my teeth!!!

Okay, so what happens then?  I refuse to shower, I revolt against the toothbrush….do something!

Oh, we have.  We have indeed.  When your points get to 50 percent you will notice a few animations to gently remind you not to kill your little avatar (you won’t actually die, but you won’t be able to use the gym equipment or any other fun things we add in the future and you will get sick!).  We highly suggest staying above 75 percent, but hey…everyone is busy and leading busy lives.  Sometimes we forget to eat, or we can’t sleep, I get it.  Still, expect a few yawns and stumbling steps when your stats start to tumble below 30.  

Don’t worry, we know it can be embarrassing to have to suddenly pee in public.  (Don’t ask how we know this…there was extensive testing done before we got this hud out to the general public).  You are able to turn off sounds, animations, and chat announcements so your hud doesn’t disturb the world around you.  Or leave it on…and let the boring meeting know you are totally about to fall asleep mid sentence.  The choice is yours!

Okay so I have the Hud from the mainstore!  I got it on and off I went into the wild blue yonder….whoa there cowboy, settle down.  How are you going to replenish those stats when you get hungry?  Tired?  You have needs!!  Well, DLS has answers.  You can get a variety of convenience items at our Mainstore and there will be specialty items you can earn free at the gym.  As we grow, so will the system’s resources on availability of items for our users.