Chores! We have implemented a new system into DLS with the intention of bringing more life into your SL homes! From sweeping to mopping, to scrubbing floors…your homes will be squeaky clean in no time! We plan on adding to our chores so keep a look out!!!


Rez your chore chart and place against a wall or in a space you decide.

Rez your chores around the house.

There is no distance limitations.

Click on your Chore Chart and when the blue menu pops up, choose registrar.

You can now clean!!!

Hop on a random chore and clean up around the place. Each chore takes approximately 15 minutes. You will be able to see a progress number when you begin your chore.

You can change the texture of the dirt you are cleaning by sitting and clicking on the chore. You will also be able to reposition yourself on the chore itself.

When the chore is completed, it will unseat you.

At this point, you can touch the chore chart and touch info and your board will update your level.

You will gain a level for each time you complete a chore. You can only complete a chore once in a 24 hour period.

At level five you can touch your chore board and click exchange and it will exchange your board for 10 LP to add to your hud!

The board is no longer usable, but your chores will keep on working.

If you want more LP just hop over to the main store and purchase a new chore board.

Sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing….window washing and dusting….they take a bit of energy and hygiene from you but its worth the extra LP in the end! About 20 points each.

Trouble? Try out these fixes:

If you lose your board and/or rezz out a new one, you can restore your points by touching the restore button.

If you jump off your chore too soon, you will have to start over….dust pans tumble over and get the space all messy again. It’s a thing.